News and Notes

« Wed.03.29.2000 »

I've been screwing around even yet more with operating systems lately. Red Hat just released Red Hat Linux 6.2 on Monday; it actually supports Sound Blaster Live! sound cards. I was amazed. You can click the link above to go to Red Hat's site and download the OS. I still can't print or use the modem, but those are things that I (a) do rarely enough or (b) can usually stack up for a while, that it's no problem to have to change back to Winblows to do.

I made my second appearance in four months in the Michigan Daily yesterday. I wrote a letter to the editor, talking about what a joke the Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) is, and jokingly suggesting that everybody else vote for Red Berenson for MSA President. Click this link to read the letter.

This next week should be crazy, man, crazy. I have to run around to a bunch of offices, pick classes for next fall, and take a midterm next Thursday night -- not to mention that the Frozen Four is next weekend. This page may or may not see an update until mid-April. See you on the other side.