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« Fri.01.14.2000 »

I LIVE AGAIN IN CoE!! Yesterday afternoon, I went and met with the College of Engineering Student Services Office. The woman there told me that (a) she was lifting my W2K academic hold on the spot, (b) she was changing my W2K academic discipline status from Enrollment Withheld to Probation, and (c) that I was done there -- I wouldn't have to appear before the Scholastic Standing Committee. WOO FUCKING HOO! Combine that with the fact that Michigan beat the Cows last Friday night at Munn, and it's been a great last seven days.

So far, the new term is actually going pretty well -- classes and otherwise. Let's see an example of that. Take a look through some of the history of this News page by clicking on the French-style quotes to the left of the date. You'll notice that between September 1 and December 31, I updated this page a total of eight times. Eight times in four months. That averages twice a month. Take a look at the number of updates so far in 2000 -- two weeks into the year, and I've already done three updates. My point is, the hippie-ness of my life went far beyond the classroom last semester. I was way too lazy even to update this page that often. In fact, getting the new version of the page up (the one with the all-graphical, JavaScript-oriented front page) was a major struggle against my own laziness, until I finally broke down and did it in late October. (Part of that was the fact that Blair didn't show me how to do the whole JavaScript/images thing for awhile, but that's not really much of an excuse. By the way, click on his name above to go to a sweet site.) In any case, I am less of a hippie this semester. I'm doing what I have to do to succeed.