News and Notes

« Tue.01.04.2000 »

Over the last two weeks, I've discovered just what damage I did to my academic record here. I need to pull off a B+ average (although two As and one C will work too) just to get my sorry ass off probation. Looks like I have to pull a 1990-91 Atlanta Braves job (last to first) ... enrollment withheld to dean's list.

I am going to do it, and frankly I don't give a fuck who I have to run over to do it. If Bitsy threatens me with losing my job for not working enough, so be it. If everybody thinks I'm a cock for never being around, or always brushing them off to study, so be it.

The Billy-Kirsty nightmare has finally come to an end. I arrived back here last night, and the parts of the extra bed are now sitting in the hallway. If he brings her back, they're on the floor as far as I'm concerned. And that's another thing: He's not doing that again in April, unless he's in another room.