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This time, I’m on my way home to get some time off. I will deliver this load early tomorrow morning in Michigan, and after that I will head home for six days.

I have a follow-up to a story I first mentioned here last December 18. As you will recall from that update, then-18-year-old James Barnett was expelled from Trinity “Christian” Academy in Addison, TX, for running a gay-youth support web site completely on his own time, using his own property, at his own expense. Like I said then, the school (which clearly is anything but Christian) maliciously and flagrantly violated several of James’ most basic civil and constitutional rights as a legally-adult American citizen — not that those rights are worth shit in the eyes of an astonishingly large number of so-called “Christians” anyway, but I digress.

I have been following James’ blog ever since his unjust, un-Christian removal from TCA, and a little over an hour ago, he made this entry in said blog. Apparently James, who turned 19 a little over two weeks ago, attempted to do the exact same thing I did on September 15: pay a visit to his old high school to say hi to former teachers and classmates — although to the best of my knowledge, TCA had not moved to a brand-new building like my high school had. As he tells the story, James was intercepted by a pair of school administrators (or maybe faculty, for all I know) after roughly an hour, at which point he was told that he must secure permission from a third administrator to visit TCA in the future. He e-mailed yet another member of the faculty/administration (who I ought to mention was the lone woman among the four, for the sake of brevity in the next paragraph) in an attempt to rectify the matter, saying that he meant no harm to the school and merely desired to visit people he knew.

After a delay of 3½ weeks, James finally received a reply yesterday from the aforementioned woman. She stated that after a conversation involving herself and two of the other three faculty/administration people, it was decided that James was not going to be allowed to attend TCA’s “homecoming” football game scheduled for tonight! What the fuck is that?

The administration of TCA is exhibiting behaviors eerily reminiscent of some of the most heinous, evil government regimes the planet has ever seen. By essentially banning James from campus and from tonight’s football game, TCA is placing restrictions on James’ rights to free movement and free association. Is it just me, or does that remind you of the South in the 1840s in which black people who did not have the proper “pass” in their possession were beaten and sometimes even killed, because it was assumed they were escaped slaves? Is it just me, or does that remind you of the excessively heavy-handed restrictions placed on average Palestinians by today’s Israeli government, which do nothing but fuel the rage that leads to suicide bombings? (Not that I condone suicide bombings and other acts of terror by Palestinians and Arabs in the least, but no matter how much the American media hides it, Israel does a lot to antagonize them too — it is absolutely a two-way street.) Is it just me, or does that remind you of Nazi Germany, in which Jews were more or less forced to go into total withdrawal from society or face capture and an eventual trip to the gas chambers of Auschwitz? It seems to me that the school really ought to be named Trinity Satanic Academy, as they are clearly and willfully ignoring the true principles of Christianity in much the same way as these aforementioned regimes did in their day (or are doing today).

I do have one other subject to talk about, on a much lighter note. As I usually do, I picked up a copy of yesterday’s USA Today to read as I was eating my dinner. On the back page of the sports section, I was drawn to the picture of an extremely hot guy, and upon reading the caption, I learned that said hot guy was a Serbian soccer player by the name of Nikola Žigić. Žigić, who is 25 years old, 6’7” tall, and weighs 200 lbs., was shown in the picture celebrating a goal that had just been scored by the Serbian national team, of which he is a member, in a recent victory that moved Serbia one step closer to qualifying for next year’s World Cup.

Being as obsessed with extremely hot guys as I am wink, earlier today I looked up Žigić on Google. In addition to the text results, many of which I couldn’t read because they were in Croatian, Google returned three image results, all of which show him playing for his club team of Red Star Belgrade. The first of these will demonstrate the total hotness of Žigić:

Nikola Zigic face pic

For the masturbatory enjoyment of all you gay boys out there, I also provide this from-the-shins-up shot that shows him in those nice tight shorts soccer players wear. Also note the presence of the word “wiener” in the team sponsor’s logo on his jersey, because I know your mind is as far in the gutter as mine:

Nikola Zigic

Finally, I share with you this shot that I know you’ll find hilarious. In this one, Žigić is wearing the white jersey with the number 25 (or, to describe it another way, he is the one who is head-and-shoulders taller than everybody else in the picture). For all the skeptics out there who think I just Photoshopped this, you can find the picture in its original context on this page — I have not edited this in any way at all. That said, God, do I wish I was number 12 in the orange: smile

Nikola Zigic gets groped

Don’t rub it raw, boys. I’ll be back here in a few days.